Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Giveaway extended!!

If you're anything like us, it doesn't take much for the holiday season to get away from you!  And with all of the wonderful Christmas orders pouring in, the holiday merry-making has included much cutting and measuring and sewing and shopping for supplies!  We are so blessed by your support!

The weekend went by in a blur, and so did the deadline for our fantastic Christmas giveaway!  So we've extended the deadline to midnight tomorrow night, Wednesday, December 11th!  If you've earned entries, make sure to leave us a comment and let us know what you did on this post or our first giveaway post.  If you've already done that, you will receive an extra entry!  Here's how to enter:

Ways to enter:

-          "like" our 2000 tutus Facebook page (if you already "like" the page, we will count that as an entry) for one entry
-          invite your friends to like the page…for every ten friends you invite we will give you one entry (screen shot the invitation(s) to your friends and email it to us to receive credit)
-          tweet at or about 2000 tutus (use the hashtag #2000tutus) for one entry…you can do this once a day for an entry each day during the entry period
-          write a facebook status about 2000 tutus (tag 2000 tutus in the status) for one entry…you can do this once a day for an entry each day during the entry period
-          share a 2000 tutus facebook post during the entry time period for one entry…you can also do these more than once for more than one entry, however posts/statuses shared must have been originally posted during the entry time period
-          follow (or already be following) 2000 tutus on Instagram for one entry
-          add the 2000 tutus button to your own personal blog (it also counts if you already have the button on your blog as well) for one entry
-          write a blog post about 2000 tutus for THREE entries
-          make any 2000 tutus purchase during the entry time period is FIVE entries

Did you read that right??  THREE ENTRIES for a blog post!  FIVE ENTRIES for a purchase!

If you choose to invite Facebook friends, shoot us an email with the screen shot to contact.2000tutus@rocketmail.com.  Our goal is to reach over 500 Facebook likes by the end of the holiday season.

All entries must be posted as comments to the blog no later than midnight, Wednesday, December 11, 2013!  The winner will be announced on Thursday!

And if you haven't placed an order at the sale price, you still can until tomorrow night!  If you're after a pair of China Doll pjs, hurry and place your order!  Our supply is running low!  Feel free to email us before ordering.  We'll do everything in our power to meet your wishes!  Visit our shop page to order yours!  And check out our other shop pages while you're at it!


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