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each necklace comes on a 18" sterling silver box chain with a pearl charm, a shape charm of your choice, and a word charm of your choice

sample necklaces:

shape charms to choose from:

        china charm

        africa charm

      heart charm

   dragonfly charm
         (limited supply)

word charms to choose from:

      love charm

       hope charm

       faith charm

order your custom charm necklace here:


shape charm
word charm


each bracelet is made with 2.5 inch-diameter silver bangle
and your choice of one to three charms

sample bracelet:

charms to choose from:

faith charm

heart warrior charm

family tree charm

love charm

to the moon and back charm

God gave me you charm

family charm

for this child charm

hope charm

rhinestone charm

pearl drop charm*
   *same as featured on custom charm necklaces

bracelet style
charms desired (list all)

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mission: mary-kate
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