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first step to changing the world tees

kids first step tee - black

shirt size


kids first step tee - red

shirt size

women's first step v-neck tee - black

shirt size

women's first step v-neck tee - red

shirt size

men's first step v-neck tee- black

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love makes the world go 'round tees

                       kids love tee - front                                                                  kids love tee - back                         

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women's love v-neck tee - front                                                 women's love v-neck tee - back

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men's love tee - front                                                                    men's love tee - back

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Accessories are half the fun of dressing a little girl, right?  And who doesn't love a matching tee or a headband with a gorgeous flower clip to add the finishing touch to one of our tutus?  Check out our tees, headbands and more below that coordinate with a few of our designs.  Available sizes are listed.  If you see something you like and your size isn't listed, send us an email, and we'll do our best to locate your size if at all possible.

All tees are $10 each and ship free with the purchase of a tutu.

tutu cute short sleeve tee

perfect for our mary-kate and strawberry shortcake tutus!

pink dancer tee and leggings

coordinates with our mary-kate tutu and our strawberry shortcake tutu

pink dancer short sleeve tee

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gray leggings

select size

orange marmalade tee, leggings and headband

a delightful complement to our orange marmalade tutu

orange marmalade tee

select size

orange marmalade leggings

select size

orange marmalade headband

$8.00 each - ships free with tutu purchase


happy birthday tee

order a custom happy birthday tutu to match

select size

tutu cute long sleeve tee

shown with our original mary-kate tutu on our original sweet Caroline!

select size

ballet shoes onesie

sweet with any pink tutu in our line

select size

i love mommy onesie

for our littlest tutu cute girls!

select size

headbands with flower clips

choose from our 3/4-inch (infant) headband or our 2-inch (child)  headband

available colors vary depending on size
light purple flower clip available upon request; indicate change on order form

2-inch child headband

color of band
color of flower

3/4-inch infant headband

color of band
color of flower

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mission: mary-kate
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