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Scroll down to browse through all of our cotton and flannel pajama sets.  Choose from holiday and everyday prints for both girls and boys.

To order, please select girls or boys and indicate fabric and size preferences. For general children's clothes sizing, please refer to the sizing chart on our shop tutus page.

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Certain double fleece blanket patterns are available.  Please email to check for matching double fleece blanket fabric pattern availability before order a fleece blanket and pajama set combo.

If you're purchasing a fleece blanket and pajama set combination, add both items to your cart using our special holiday purchase button.  Indicate your choice of pajama print and blanket design in the space provided.  Scroll down to view all pajama prints available for individual purchase.  PLEASE NOTE: to receive the combination price, you must add to cart using the top button on this page.

Special holiday purchase fleece blanket and pajama set combination!

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Cars Christmas - flannel

Christmas moose - flannel

penguins and igloos - flannel

holiday party - flannel

reindeer in lights - flannel

Christmas lights - flannel

nerdy monkeys - flannel

dude monkeys - flannel

large pink penguins - flannel

large red penguins - flannel

love monkeys - flannel

hot pink puppies - flannel

light pink ladybugs - flannel

sweet pea - flannel

polar bears - flannel

pink elephants - flannel

oink! - flannel

rock n' roll dinosaurs - flannel

polar bear hockey - flannel

hot cocoa - flannel 

winter reindeer - flannel

purple peace signs - flannel

love pandas - flannel

gingerbread and hot chocolate - flannel

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