Wednesday, March 2, 2011

our st. patty's day tutu...clover

There's a new lass in town. Her name is clover.

She's a lovely mix of greens and gold and white.

With a sweet little flower at the waist.

Or green plaid streamers.

Your choice.

While supplies last, clover tutus come with a sparkly green tiara, too!

We're adding those sweet four-leaf clover tees tomorrow.

And did you see that little bitty outfit on the left?

With the frog on the hiney?

Lemme tell ya.

If I had my baby girl, she'd be wearing that every day in March.

Place your order on the holiday tutus page.


Kristi said...

If I thought I could pull it off, I'd be wearing clover with jeans and a black lettuce edged turtleneck every day in March!
So, so cute!!!

Shannon said...

Hi!!!!! I hope it is ok, I linked you guys in a post I did today about adoption fundraisers. Hopefully you will get people hopping over here to take a look!

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