Monday, November 1, 2010

ladybugs spotted...

...pardon the pun. The first photos of this year's tutu cute crop of ladybugs are rolling in, and we just had to share. These two little cuties are Darcy and Kylie! Kylie is one of Caroline's China sisters from Guangdong, but our families are, well, as their family grows, so does ours...all that to say, we're pretty fond of our new little China sister, Darcy! Love you sweet little bugs!!

Speaking of growing, this little family is growing again! Since adopting Kylie in 2007, the M family has added Caleb and Darcy, and now they are waiting to adopt another little cutie. Some might say four little ones under the age of five is a little crazy. You might be right, but let me tell you...even though I'm completely put out with them for going back to China for a third time without me, I love them a little more because of their crazy. And I already loved them a lot.


Traci said...

Too cute! Love those ladybug tutus! and Love those girls! :)

Kristi said...

Aww, and we love you guys too!
Praying for this venture of yours my friend!

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