Saturday, November 30, 2013

Our biggest giveaway ever!!!

It's the perfect time of year to get a little free stuff, right?  Except that we have a LOT of free stuff you can win in our holiday giveaway! One lucky winner will receive a prize package of 2000 tutus items worth nearly $100!!  Here's what you can win:

-          set of pajamas (choose from select holiday and everyday prints)*
-          handmade double-knotted fleece blanket coordinating with the pajamas*
-          2000 tutus monogrammed shopping bag
-          holiday tutu and holiday bow (girl) OR 2 holiday tie tees (boy)*

*We have selected holiday options for a girl and a boy, as well as an everyday option for each. Holiday tutus, hair bows, and tie tees will be offered based on what is in-stock at the end of the entry period.  Clothing items are made to order, and prints may be requested but are not guaranteed. 

Ways to enter:

-          "like" our 2000 tutus Facebook page (if you already "like" the page, we will count that as an entry) for one entry
-          invite your friends to like the page…for every ten friends you invite we will give you one entry (screen shot the invitation(s) to your friends and email it to us to receive credit)
-          tweet at or about 2000 tutus (use the hashtag #2000tutus) for one entry…you can do this once a day for an entry each day during the entry period
-          write a facebook status about 2000 tutus (tag 2000 tutus in the status) for one entry…you can do this once a day for an entry each day during the entry period
-          share a 2000 tutus facebook post during the entry time period for one entry…you can also do these more than once for more than one entry, however posts/statuses shared must have been originally posted during the entry time period
-          follow (or already be following) 2000 tutus on Instagram for one entry
-          add the 2000 tutus button to your own personal blog (it also counts if you already have the button on your blog as well) for one entry
-          write a blog post about 2000 tutus for THREE entries
-          make any 2000 tutus purchase during the entry time period is FIVE entries

In order to make sure that we receive all of your entries for the giveaway, leave us a comment on the blog listing everything you did by midnight on December 7th.  If you choose to invite Facebook friends, shoot us an email with the screen shot to  Our goal is to reach over 500 Facebook likes by the end of the holiday season.

To make things even sweeter, should you choose to participate in the giveaway but are waiting to order Christmas goodies for your little on the chance you might win, wait no more.  Should you win the giveaway and have purchased any of the giveaway items during the entry period, we will refund your purchase of those item(s) through PayPal!  It's a win-win!

The entry period begins RIGHT NOW!  You may enter our giveaway December 1st through 11:59 on Saturday, December 7th EST.  Can't wait to find out who wins!


Monica said...

Liked your page, followed your Instagram, and shared a post of yours.

Monica said...

Emailing you my shared page.

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