Tuesday, April 26, 2011

tutu cute tuesday...

Meet Miss Hallie. Is she rockin' it, or what?!

Hallie is one of Caroline's ten Guangdong sisters. And I'm telling you...each and every one of these girls has a larger than life personality. Even the shy ones. I adore them. I feel so blessed to know that Caroline will always be connected to the ten of them. They are all within a few months of being the same age, and no matter the combination, whenever they are together, they fall into a comfortable familial relationship.

To top it all off, their families are of all shapes and sizes...some with lots in common, some with little in common...and yet, those families seem to have that same sense of comfort with each other. Bonded by these eleven baby girls and one hot but happy afternoon in a Guangzhou conference room, we are truly a family. It's the craziest thing.

And you know I love crazy.


Kristi said...

That was my first thought, Hallie is totally rockin' that tutu! Oh how I hope that we manage to make it to the reunion...
Love me some crazy too!

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