Wednesday, August 27, 2014

let's make a deal!

We have a great little update to share with you all.  Actually, several little updates.

First of all, we are just so grateful for those of you who have purchased t-shirts so far!

And necklaces and tutus and pjs and shirts and dresses and hair bows!!

Every penny spent brings us just a tad closer to little miss Mary-Kate.

But we have quite the way to go.  My mom will be blogging all the details on our fundraising to date and what we have in store before we can travel to China a little later today.  She might even share sweet little update in the form of a photo or two of our teeny little bit of a girl.

In the meantime, I'm lowering prices on our "changing the world" tees to $20!!  Our goal to sell at least 28 of each color and style!!  It's a great big goal, but it's also a great big message to share with a world that sometimes needs a little change.

So share with your friends!  Have them share with their friends! Adoption groups, school friends, Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops!  And go in together on orders!  With each order of $100 or more (whether it be on shirts or any of the other fabulous items in our shop) we will throw in a free 2000 tutus tote bag!

Also, we will be creating an order form for our t-shirts for any of you out there willing to take orders over in your neck of the woods.  Contact me at to find out more information about helping us sell these shirts and meet our goal!

p.s.  If you've already purchased a "changing the world" tee, please know that we'll be contacting you about refunding your $5.

p.s.s  If you've already made a purchase of t-shirts that is $100 or more, your order will still qualify for our tote bag special and one will be included in your order.

p.s.s.s.  We'd love to lower the price on our "love makes the world go 'round" tees, but the two-sided printing raises our costs a bit.


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