Wednesday, June 15, 2011

but wait...there's more...

If your excuse has been that your son would really put up a fuss in a tutu...'re out of excuses.

If my son will wear this shirt and actually think he's sorta cool in it...

...your son should have one, too.

If you think this shirt is only for looks... might want to consider the added bonus of tie-jerking jokes your son can make while wearing it. Great entertainment. I speak from experience.

These awesome shirts are designed and sewn by my super-talented daughter.

You can choose from three different Independence Day patterns.

All sizes up to size 14 youth are $15.

We can even do onesies.

And wait till you see our new Heritage line of tutus and tees.

Apparently, the entertainment comes in all sizes, as well.


Unknown said...


It's Kelly from We Are Grafted In. I've still got you listed on the fundraising families' page. Are you still fundraising?

We just today opened an etsy store for The Sparrow Fund (, the nonprofit that my husband and I launched this past spring. We have a handful of items we are going to add to the store this weekend, but we're looking for more donations of handcrafted items or fundraising items (such as shirts or other merchandise) to help us raise money. For items donated, we will provide a link back to your site so that you can advertise and draw new customers/donors. Think about it, and let me know if you would like to donate anything!

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