Friday, January 21, 2011

Oops. I goofed... my hurry to get the giveaway posted this week, I listed the deadline as Friday, January 22nd.

Obviously, that's not possible.

Unless we wait a few years.

And that wouldn't be very much fun, huh?

Sadly, I didn't even notice.

Thanks, Kristi. I remain forever in awe of someone whose brain still functions on all cylinders after three kids.

At four, going on five, I can no longer say the same.

So, in an effort to be fair to those whom I might have confused...including myself...I'm keeping the giveaway open until midnight Saturday night, January 22nd, EST. If you enter by midnight tonight, January 21st, I'll automatically give you an extra entry.

Now, go! Enter! Comment! Share! Post! Blog! It just might be your little one looking a little sweeter this Valentine's Day!


Kristi said...

Don't let my catch fool you. It's not so much that my brain is on all cylinders as it is that I must now live by a calendar at all times to make sure I don't overbook a day...

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