Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hello? Is this thing on??

Would a Black Friday sale get somebody out there to give us a little love?

Leave a comment or two??

I'm just sayin...


Leslie said...

I always read! I read on my phone while I'm feeding my babies, so it's hard to comment. The tutus are adorable, as are your gorgeous girls. =)

Our Journey said...

I LOVE them all! Can't wait to see mine!! And the candy-cane one? way-too-cute!! Let's see more!!

Anonymous said...

Our delay is that a certain 6-year old can't decide which of the many colors and ribbons she wants on her tutu. Order is forthcoming.

Kristi said...

A sale? That's dangerous for me! I think we may have to have one of the snowflake ones, but then I worry that I may miss a new design that I love even more...

Allison said...

Our order is forthcoming too. Maggie just needs to pick!

Angela :-) said...

Found you via Building the Blocks blog last week. I'm fairly certain I'm ordering a tutu at some point, so yes a sale would probably clinch it. LOL I just can't decide...

Angela :-)

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