Monday, October 11, 2010

2000 tutus?!


Yes. 2000. tutus.

There. I said it.

Talk about the crazy things that love will make you do.

And there's really no other way to describe this venture. Even I know it sounds ridiculous and more than a little intimidating. Add to that a fairly solid list of "what if"s. Couldn't I choose a more conventional method of fundraising? Surely something other than tutus would be a more practical way to raise money. What if it bombs, and I'm left holding the bag (of tulle, no less)?

But the truth is that none of that really matters. It doesn't matter if I sell you a book or a necklace or a t-shirt or a bag of coffee. They're all just a means to an end. What matters is that God has laid on my heart that there's another baby girl in China, a little one we will name Mary-Kate, who is meant to be in our family. And, as crazy as it sounds, I believe He gave me this idea. HE is capable of using any means for His ultimate purposes. So I've armed myself with piles of tulle and ribbon, and I'm off into this glorious unknown.

It's going to take a whole lot of networking to market 2000 tutus. I need your help to get the word out. And as a little incentive, I've got a sweet little tutu to give away! With a matching long-sleeve tee from Cart*er's!

Introducing the Mary-Kate tutu...


...with hot pink sparkle, bubblegum pink, silver and shimmery white tulle!

Oh, and pink polka-dot ribbon streamers!

And you know I wasn't leaving the store without this shirt.

Okay, two shirts. I did have to buy one for Miss Caroline.

And, now that I'm thinking about it, I need to go back and buy one for Mary-Kate!

To enter the giveaway for the Mary-Kate tutu (child's size) and the tutu cute tee (in size 4T):

...browse our oh, the possibilities! page and our shop page and leave a comment here with your favorite tutu or your own idea for a ideas welcome, too!

...become a follower of this blog! If you're already a follower, that counts, too!

...visit our fan page on facebook and share it on your facebook profile page...come back here to leave a comment that you did...of course, you're also welcome to "like" our page and invite your facebook friends to do the same! That will certainly help spread the word, but it doesn't count as an additional entry.

...write a short post about this giveaway on your own blog! Leave a comment with the permalink to your post.

...add the 2000 tutus button to your blog! Leave a link back to your blog.

...and, just for fun, look for clues in this post and leave a comment with the names of these three favorites of mine! Email your answers to me for this one!

Each of the above counts as one entry. That means you can have up to six chances to win! You can enter until 11:59 pm, Sunday, October 17, 2010. The winner will be chosen at random and announced Monday afternoon, October 18th.

In just a couple of days, we'll be revealing our Halloween tutu, a snazzy little number in purple, green and blue. Okay, I know you're shocked, but it's really orange, black and silver. I'll add it to the cart this week, but if you want one, just email us and let us know you're interested so we can get on it right away.


p.s. The shirt Caroline is wearing is actually a 5T...she's so long in the waist that I bought a size bigger for my 31-pounds-soaking-wet girl...I'm thinking I was a little overzealous in my thinking...could those sleeves be any longer??

*This giveaway has now ended.


Karolyn said...

Not that I personally need the adorable shirt and tutu, but oh, what the heck... :]

My idea for a tutu would be the BEEutiful tutu. Using yellow, black, (and maybe white) for the tulle and ribbon that is yet to be found on your site I think this could make for quite the adorable little tutu.

Posted it to my profile, and invited all my friends on facebook.

Kristi said...

So you know I'm gonna need two shirts and tutus if I win... ;)

My idea for a tutu would be red and black with bug 63 ribbon. Both of my girls want to be ladybugs while trick-or-treating this year and I'd MUCH rather send my money to you than to Target!

I'm following, I've posted (, and the button is on my blog.

I've got your three favorites, should I send them via email so that others have to actually look for them?

Now off to try to remember how to navigate on Facebook!

I'm praying for you in this adventure my friend! May God multiply your business and have you up to your elbows in tulle!

Jack said...

Caroline needs another sister.

S said...

My favorite is the green/blue/yellow streamer style.
I love the give away tutu, too!
Best Wishes for making Mary Kate a dream come true!
Stephanie in NC

Also posted on my facebook profile and I will "like" you.:)

Andrea said...

I'm so excited! I can't wait to support your journey and take care of some Christmas shopping.

I've blogged it, liked it, buttoned it on my blog, become a follower and now commented. I'll work on the clues but for now count me as 5 out of 6. ;-)

Christy said...

I'm a follower!

And, I'm a facebook fan!

I would love a green, red, and yellow tutu to promote to the Ethiopian adoption community...but I REALLY like the blue and green one.
For Christmas, a blue and silver with snowflake ribbon would be neat for pics and Christmas day!

I'm taking stock for what I need to order for Christmas! :)

God bless your family, and little Mary-Kate!

Cronk Family said...

Love it!!!! Sarah needs one definitely! I'm posting on my facebook page and I'll let all my friends know about this're determined (and crazy!) enough to make it work! ;) Love, Rebecca Cronk

Ann Marie said...

What a wonderful idea! Wishing you many blessings. Here's a link to my post

Ann Marie said...

Button added to our blog too. :)

The Ferrill's said...

I'm a follower!

And I love the aqualicious tutu in your shop!

And I'm going to try to add that button right now...

The Ferrill's said...

Okay button added successfully!

Cindy said...

Love the aqua one, they are all so pretty! My girls would love them, what fun! Many blessings to your family.

Leslie said...

I would like rose with light pink sparkle and ss62. These are so cute!!

Leslie said...

I'm a follower of your blog.

Leslie said...

I shared your Facebook page on my profile.!/lesliefox

Leslie said...

I added your button to my blog:

Leslie said...

I also posted on my blog:

Allison said...

Okay, I think I got them all.

I like the Polka Dot Polly tutu the best. It's VERY Maggie with all the sparkles.

I'm a follower and I posted on FB. I also wrote a post on my blog and added your button.

Emailing you now. :)

quaadefamily said...

I really think this idea in tremendous and hope it takes off. God bless this venture!!! My favorite tutu is the Sweet Caroline. My little girls actually would probably vote for the pinks but I love that you named it for your daughter.
I think you should also make a snow princess tutu, whites and silver. Blessings to you! No one ever goes to my blog so I'm not going to put this up there. I haven't done anything with it in a year, but I will post this on my facebook page.

TFigley said...

I'd love a "You Are My Sunshine" tutu in yellow and white...for my WAY in the FUTURE granddaughter. Shared your link on Facebook and praying for your success!!

quaadefamily said...

I'm not the creative type, but a camo tutu would also be cute. I know many outdoorsy types that would love it!

Annie said...

OK, I LOVE the Sugar and Spice and the Sweet Caroline!!! I will become a follower and will post on my blog! These tutus are too too cute!! Hehe! Good luck!

elizthm said...

Love the aqualicious tutu! Shared on Facebook, too!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I have my own little Caroline (age 3), so I suppose I'm partial to the "Sweet Caroline," probably because we listen to that song daily during our ride to school/work and because the colors are perfect. The team color tutus are a great idea too! Will be looking forward to seeing some Christmas styles soon. :)

Our Journey said...

Ok ....

1...ahahahah I can't pick which one I like. I think the red/black/white w/ "ladybug" ribbon would be cute - but Anne Marie would fight me for something pink & purple I'm sure!

2. I've posted a "shout-out" about 2000 tutu's on our blog

and have a link listed on there too.

3. I've 'followed' you @ FB and posted it on my Fb page as well.

& just on a personal note I am keeping you all in my prayers ... this is such a GREAT idea & I'm so excited to watch this journey unfold with your family!!

Mom of 7 said...

I didn't make the deadline - shocker I know! lol I LOVE all of them - especially the ones with pink! A girl can never have too many tutus. We will keep adding to our collection and will continue to promote, promote, promote for you and for Mary-Kate. God is great and will see you through. Remember, by bringing her home, there will be "One Less" xo

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